About Us

We are Chef Inspired Popcorn Company!

Lizette Rivera
Lizette Rivera started Chef Inspired Popcorn Company after taking a few bags of popcorn to the softball field. In a quest to find delicious gluten free snacks, Lizette began creating her own popcorn flavors at home. One day, she decided to share some of her homemade creations at her daughter’s softball game and the response was overwhelmingly positive. Before long, Lizette put her entrepreneurial skills to the test as she laid out a plan to create, produce, sell, and distribute gourmet popcorn. After a lot of research, even more sweat, a few tears, and a 27-year career in the insurance industry, Chef Inspired Popcorn Company was born! Always exploring the next step, Lizette eventually created the Underground Kernel line of alcohol-infused popcorn flavors for Chef Inspired Popcorn. Now, Chef Inspired Popcorn is pleased to provide eight of our best-selling traditional flavors along with 10 Underground Kernel flavors of alcohol-infused popcorn.