Fundraising with Flavor

Fundraising PackAre you in search of fundraising opportunities for your youth team? Look no further. You earn 55% of your sales through our Fundraising with Flavor Program!

My name is Lizette Rivera, owner of Chef Inspired Popcorn Company in Tampa, FL and the proud mother of a high school and travel team softball player. As a mother, I’ve watched softball positively impact my daughter’s life as she learned to set goals, increased her work ethic, and realized the value of teamwork. As a business owner, I want to do my part to ensure young people have every opportunity to develop their character through sports.

Through Chef Inspired Popcorn’s Fundraising with Flavor Program, your youth team keeps 55% of sales, with an additional portion of the remaining 45% supporting Chef Inspired Popcorn’s ongoing donations to sponsor youth sports equipment, camp fees, and Little League donation requests. Your members can sell our best-selling flavors in five cup bags or Chef Packs in four or eight counts (each Chef Pack bag is one cup).

 What you can expect…

  • Delicious popcorn in a variety of flavors
  • Professional and easy to do business with 
  • Incentive prize for social media posts
  • 55% of total earnings

We look forward to supporting your team!